October 26, 2008

Autumn's Paradox

When Autumn arrives I can feel my innards cringing with dread, but at the same time my eyes are dazzled by the fleetingly vibrant world. Sadness and joy grip me in painful confusion. I run outside with camera in hand hoping to capture the dazzling sights before they fade and bemoan the wind that carried so many leaves from their perch. Cold comes creeping in putting garden plants to rest and taking my pond from friend to icy harbor of my almost still koi. No longer do they gather at my feet splashing and dancing for the food I bring. I, too, begin the pulling back from my outer world and seek the warmth and comfort of fire and home.


Mama Lou said...

Hi Pat,
i love that you are among the bloggers.
I have not become so inclined as of yet, anyway.
Your photo behind the title of your blog is great.
Hope to read more from you.

Wenderina said...

I cannot imagine how you got any rejection slips - this was a wonderful post.