October 30, 2011

Snow in October

I have been trying to avoid weather blogs, but sometimes Mother Nature will not allow me to ignore her. I expected a wet, fast disappearing snow fall. Instead we got this whopper of a snow storm that buried us as well as any February offering. Now as I watch outside the snow is falling off the trees and the sun is shining brightly.
The mound in the middle is a fifteen foot pear tree. I hope it comes back.

I was just not ready for this.

October 27, 2011

Photoshop Art

I find creating a scene with a photoshop type program is much like painting a picture. While I have by no means mastered all its facets, it is still fun to create on the computer what I could not with just the camera. My latest panorama will illustrate the point. Due to poor near eyesight, shaky hands, somewhat less than ideal natural lighting, etc., I was unable to capture the panoramic view of the Moodna Trestle that I was after. So first I choose these two photos and adjusted them so that the approximate angle of the trestle corresponded.

I let photoshop magically merge the two photos into one panorama and adjusted the color somewhat.
I thought the dead tree limbs, etc. detracted from the composition and the sky needed more color. So I eliminated, changed and beefed up aspects of the scene until it looked right to me. I would have preferred a more interesting autumn sky, but have not yet mastered changing that.Voila! Here is my panorama of the Moodna Trestle. One thing to remember my picture will not stand up to close scrutiny when enlarged, unlike the art of a fine photographer which is not a manipulation. Perhaps someday I will master the art of composition, exposure and the myriad of other skills that go into creating a fine photograph, but for now I will create with photoshop.

October 23, 2011

Another Visit to Stonybrook

Carl and I visited Stonybrook in Harriman State Park again this morning. In the short time since we were last there the trees had lost more of their leaves, the stream was running even more and had overtaken its banks in more places,and there seemed to be more trees and branches down and in the way. In general it was difficult to get pictures without extraneous trees and branches. That being said it was great to be out hiking and photographing with my son. These treks have inspired me to get in better condition for walking and climbing over rocks, and learning more about my camera and photoshop.

October 15, 2011

More Stonybrook Photos

I thought I would include a few more photos from last week at Stonybrook.

October 14, 2011

Relearning Photography

My son, Carl, is a fine photographer. His photographs are truly art and the ones that most fill me with awe are of our natural surroundings. Lately, he has been including me in his hikes to some of the locations I have admired, and patiently trying to teach me the mechanics that help produce good photographs. Armed with my Fuji which is nowhere as fine a camera as he uses, I have been trying to master settings, and then photoshop techniques.

We have been to Skylands, The Stone Church, Indian Falls, and last week we went to Stonybrook at Harriman State Park. I have discovered that to get some of the photos I so much admire involves climbing, balancing on rocks, and sometimes wet feet. I am not sure I am up to that yet, so my shots are from the safety of somewhat dry level ground. At Carl's urging, I am posting some of the product of our adventures.