February 6, 2012


I have always found orchids to be fascinating and beautiful, and every year during the long drab months of winter they call to me. Since they are a bit expensive, I have indulged in their purchase sparingly. The first couple of years I managed to kill them a few months after they bloomed. I have limited display areas in my house and either they get too much sun or not enough sun, or too much water or not enough water. In 2010 I purchased one large and two small orchids. They bloomed nicely that year and I managed to keep them alive into 2011. When more than a year had passed I assumed they would not bloom again and put them out in a sheltered place on the deck late summer. I have a hard time discarding plants that are living although unattractive, and so I brought them in when the weather turned cold. To my surprise in November they started to produce flower stalks and started blooming in December and the large one is still blooming.
I am now an orchid grower.


JeannetteLS said...

I am head over heels for those white ones with the red centers. They are JUST BEAUTIFUL.

It's funny; I seem to be able to make anything grow outdoors, but I kill everything I try in the house. I just moved this year, so I am going to try again, by starting with a patio garden.

I'll leave the orchids to others, though.

Carl said...

Beautiful Mom! Nice work.

truck lease said...

Those orchids looks lovely. I might just go buy some and start an orchid gazebo of my own. Thanks for the inspiration.