March 4, 2012

Orchid Show

Carl (Artistic Balance) took me to the New York Botanical Gardens Orchid Show. What a treat. I had no idea there are so many varieties and colors of orchids. An example of this is when a fellow attendee exclaimed, "Look at the big, beautiful pansies!" Closer observation revealed that they were actually Pansy Orchids. Thanks, Carl, for a wonderful day.
Of course Carl is the photographer, but I happily enjoyed just point and shot with my tiny Canon after my Fuji failed me.
It is very difficult to say which orchid was my favorite, but this one hit my eye.


Carl said...

Wow! That bottom shot is something. Thanks for coming with me to the show Mom.

adelaide web design said...

I so love the first photo. The orchids beauty was captured perfectly. Job well done.

jaymie williams said...

Orchids! they are my favorite! Sweet looking flowers!
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