November 2, 2008

Fall Back

This is the day when we turn the clocks back or, rather, we are given the gift of an hour to do what pleases us. When I was working and much busier or would socialize to whee hours, the hour would be cherished for extra sleep, but now I enjoy thinking of the possibilities that an uncommitted hour holds and cherish the possibilities. I could enjoy hot coffee on the deck and listen to the birds announce the dawn and watch as the darkness disappears slowly into light, or I could enjoy the sweet stillness of the house and, perhaps, meditate. I could write, or work on my photography, or even read. There are so many enjoyable possibilities that I think I will consciously give myself an hour every day just to be me.


Wenderina said...

Hope you had a chance to do some of those lovely things - or even one! I did take advantage of the sleep - then went to school - and came back and slept some more. Seems there is never enough time in the day.

Carl said...

The gift of time! talk about a rare gift.