November 12, 2008

My Life with Computers

I have a love-hate relationship with computers. When I took my first computer course there were only main frames, and so we learned flow charts and keypunch. I excelled at flow charts since I am naturally logical. Although, my husband would insist that I have many irrational moments. When my classroom acquired one of the first personal computers, a TRS-80, I was in my glory. You see, you could write programs. By today's standards, they were very simplistic. You could have little stick figures ski downhill in a race as a reward for answering questions correctly, and you could develop timed reading programs, etc. It was great! If something hung up, you could look at your little flow chart, pinpoint what the problem was and change a symbol or number so all was right again.
Somewhere along the way everything changed. We now have more working computers than people in our household. I can no longer comprehend the inner workings of my computers. They have many professionally written programs and I use most of them. I have difficulty weeding out the ones I don't need because I like the way one does this and the other does that. Every once in a while a newly acquired program will cause a glitch in another program. I am faced with choosing the one to keep since I can no longer find the conflict by looking at my flow charts. Even if I could, I would not understand the language they are written in.
My logical nature which makes me a big Sudoku fan, still takes control and makes me wrestle with a problem for days until it is solved or I give up. The other day I decided I wanted to network some of my files on all of my computers. I would get one set up, but not the other. Then, all of a sudden, one of the programs would no longer work. I tweaked, poked and deleted for many hours. Did I mention I am stubborn? Finally, by late last night I no longer had to put a picture on a flash drive and carry it down stairs to photoshop it. I could view my recorded TV programs on any computer. Most of all, everything worked! I went peacefully to sleep. Of course, I haven't tried it this morning just in case those computer gremlins invaded my computers again.

P.S. In which case I will probably break down and call my very talented son.


Wenderina said...

I'm so impressed with your dogged determination to figure these things out. I'm all about WYSYG (what you see is what you get)- hence my fear of digging in on the HTML behind my site.

Wenderina said...

oops - meant WYSIWYG