November 21, 2008


From the time of my first painting class as an adult I have become fascinated with skies. I would be driving along and be enthralled by the sky ahead. Often thinking it would look unreal if painted. Of course, the most dramatic, memorable and most often photographed are usually sunsets. I love them for their rich colors and beauty, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite sunsets

Upstate New York

New York City

San Francisco

Puerto Nuevo

Puerto Nuevo

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Wenderina said...

It's so true that sunsets and sunrises are the most glorious sites and yet on posters and paintings, they look unreal and kind of tacky. These are beautiful pictures and I love that you have them for many of the times you have traveled. It's hard to resist taking the picture, but I think I prefer to just observe and appreciate them live.