October 27, 2011

Photoshop Art

I find creating a scene with a photoshop type program is much like painting a picture. While I have by no means mastered all its facets, it is still fun to create on the computer what I could not with just the camera. My latest panorama will illustrate the point. Due to poor near eyesight, shaky hands, somewhat less than ideal natural lighting, etc., I was unable to capture the panoramic view of the Moodna Trestle that I was after. So first I choose these two photos and adjusted them so that the approximate angle of the trestle corresponded.

I let photoshop magically merge the two photos into one panorama and adjusted the color somewhat.
I thought the dead tree limbs, etc. detracted from the composition and the sky needed more color. So I eliminated, changed and beefed up aspects of the scene until it looked right to me. I would have preferred a more interesting autumn sky, but have not yet mastered changing that.Voila! Here is my panorama of the Moodna Trestle. One thing to remember my picture will not stand up to close scrutiny when enlarged, unlike the art of a fine photographer which is not a manipulation. Perhaps someday I will master the art of composition, exposure and the myriad of other skills that go into creating a fine photograph, but for now I will create with photoshop.