October 14, 2011

Relearning Photography

My son, Carl, is a fine photographer. His photographs are truly art and the ones that most fill me with awe are of our natural surroundings. Lately, he has been including me in his hikes to some of the locations I have admired, and patiently trying to teach me the mechanics that help produce good photographs. Armed with my Fuji which is nowhere as fine a camera as he uses, I have been trying to master settings, and then photoshop techniques.

We have been to Skylands, The Stone Church, Indian Falls, and last week we went to Stonybrook at Harriman State Park. I have discovered that to get some of the photos I so much admire involves climbing, balancing on rocks, and sometimes wet feet. I am not sure I am up to that yet, so my shots are from the safety of somewhat dry level ground. At Carl's urging, I am posting some of the product of our adventures.


Carl said...

These turned out really nice Mom! great work. I am looking forward to another trip to stonybrook. promise me no climbing on and around streams with me.

Carl said...

PS - Thank you for teaching how to use a camera all those years ago. Glad I can help return the favor.

Pat said...

Carl, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your including me and teaching me. Photography is very different from years ago. I do appreciate the freedom that digital photography allows. No promises on climbing, though.