October 23, 2011

Another Visit to Stonybrook

Carl and I visited Stonybrook in Harriman State Park again this morning. In the short time since we were last there the trees had lost more of their leaves, the stream was running even more and had overtaken its banks in more places,and there seemed to be more trees and branches down and in the way. In general it was difficult to get pictures without extraneous trees and branches. That being said it was great to be out hiking and photographing with my son. These treks have inspired me to get in better condition for walking and climbing over rocks, and learning more about my camera and photoshop.


JeannetteLS said...

Wow, that bottom shot... what a change. The river looks a little dangerous even. My favorites were the bottom and the one a couple of shots up. You enjoying Photoshop, I hope?

Carl said...

Nice work Mom! the bottom one is a real keeper.

Pat said...

Thanks for visiting, Jeannette. I am definitely enjoying using photoshop. It has been on our computer for a long time, but I am really just beginning to use the newer version.