October 15, 2011

More Stonybrook Photos

I thought I would include a few more photos from last week at Stonybrook.


Carl said...

I love them both mom. Good work. Lets plan on going out again next Sunday.

JeannetteLS said...

You take photos with an ever-so-slightly different eye from your son's. And I find myself drawn to the leaves on stone that you've captured.

Gifts ARE passed down. Truly. And it is fun to see that Carl got something passed through you, but through HIS unique filter as well.

I love having new sites to follow, and I hope from time to time you will continue to post. The art of your son has fed my own writing and my soul when I needed it most--and he had no idea that it did.

Beautiful shots. (I also loved the comments about your friend's and your conversations. I am approaching sixty and I find that many conversations have turned to soul-searching as well.)

Pat said...

Jeannette, Thanks for your kind words and visiting my blog. I am very proud of Carl, of his passion for art and the man he is. It is true that two people can photograph the same scene at the same time, but have different interpretations of it. I stopped blogging when I realized I was mostly chronicalling the changes in the seasons and it began marking the years going by, but I do have a renewed interest in it.

Wenderina said...

yay the blog is back. So glad you are having fun with the camera and the outings with Carl. Please try and get him to photo something OTHER than rocks and water. Or maybe not...I do like teasing him about the ever-recurring theme in his work. Maybe he was a water sprite in a past life?

Pat said...

Well, Carl did seem to have an affinity to water when he was young. He stepped in (fell in) a few streams in his boy scout years. He does capture so much beauty in waterfalls and streams. but then his flowers and butterflies are awesome. Maybe, we will scout around for something different. Or not.